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Bicycle Maintenance & Repair Training for Cyclists

PPT TRAINING =   Process, Procedure & Tools

Consumer Cyclist focused classes:
Park Tool School Classes:


Beginner's Repair Class - $90.00
This 3 hour class for cyclist allows for an overview of many aspects of  basic bicycle maintenance.  This is an excellent class for a cyclist  who wishes to learn about maintenance, knowing when there is a problem, fixing a flat and cleaning your bike.  Class size is limited to 6 people. 

The Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is your manual during the course.  You can purchase the book if you like before class to read about procedures.  Each student will work on their own bike.  Work stands and tools are provided during the classes.  Any parts needed  to complete a repair are not included as part of the class. Parts can be purchased at local bicycle shops.

Novice Repair Class - $150.00 Plus $30.00 for Park Tool Blue Book

In the Novice Class for cyclist, you will get deeper into of many aspect of bicycle maintenance.  We start with demonstrations, discuss some of the chemistry of flat tire repair, then perform tire & tube service, brake and gear adjustments.  The curriculum based off a tune up on the bike.  The emphasis is on identifying problems, knowing what you can adjust and when you need to partner with a bike shop to align damaged components.  The presentations will lead to hand on activities.  For example, showing how to remove rear cogs cassette will lead to students removing, cleaning, and installing their cassette.  This class is 7 hours.  Bring your bike to work on. Class size is limited to 6 people.

Intermediate Repair Class - $200.00 Plus $30.00 for Park Tool Blue Book
The intermediate content for cyclist is additional to a basic shop tune up.  You will adjust  bearing and cable systems, replace cables, housing, wheel round dish, true and tension. (No bearing overhauls) This class is for advancing knowledge and being self sufficient on a range of repairs.  You should have familiarity with the curriculum and have experience or training .  This class is 10 hours.   Bring your bike to work on. Class size is limited to 6 people.


Complete Park Tool Training - $450.00 

Learn it all.  Beginning, Novice & Intermediate Training Combined special.

Professional Skill Classes (PSC)
Professional classes open to individual cyclists

Special: $500 for the entire pro series with paid pre-registration

Wheel Building, $175

Do you want to up your professional skills in wheel building to offer your clients better products and services? Would you like to learn effective processes for Load balancing, Economy of motion, Measurable prestressing, 
Sacrificial anodes, modern methods/ tooling, and professional tricks?

OR are you a cyclist that has dreamed of building your own wheels but thought it was too big of a challenge to do it alone. Now you are not alone when you attend this clinic with a world class wheel builder at your side. 

In this six hour workshop you will learn not only why you should fine tune your wheels, but also how to build your wheels like the pros, using the most efficient methods to save you time. You will be rounding, dishing, truing, pre-stressing, tensioning  and balancing tensioning your wheel into one of the best you have ever ridden. 

Even if you think you are not mechanically inclined, you CAN build a perfect wheel. This is one of the most popular classes.  Everyone has positive growth in this session.

Dérailleurs, Chains & Cables, $100

This session addresses everything associated with shifting gears.   We look at the whole drive train system and how it supports the function of the other components.

Class starts with aligning the frame's rear triangle, drop outs, hanger. We demonstrate qualities chains, connections systems, cleaning methods, solvents, lubrication. We will practice adjusting the rear dérailleur set screw and cable adjustment in a logical order. 

In addition, the front dérailleurs will be aligned and adjusted. We finish off with the rest of the drive train. Cable and chain  optimized installation, pivot point lubrication, and maintenance round out the class.

Most dérailleur problems are really sourced in the cables and the chain; we will test and diagnose many of these in class.

This fun class lasts about four hours, so be prepared to learn a lot.

Cable Rim and Disc brakes
In these two classes, you will learn about the science behind your braking system. 

Rim Brakes: $50

Side pull, dual pivot, center pull, cantilever, and  linear pull, will all be covered and will include brake pad and cable alignment and adjustment.  

Disc Brakes: $50 
We will cover facing mounts, alignment of rotors and calipers plus strategies in adjustments for wear management 

Additionally in both classes you will also learn about effective tools to increase quality and reduce time.

We'll also review cam, rod, and internal hub brakes on request.

Headset Facing & Overhaul, $75

Every bicycle frame needs to be faced once in its life.  Headset facing aligns the pressed-in cups and provides a parallel, plainer surface to engage the cartridge bearing fixed cup.

Overhauls consist of removing all bearings and grease, replacing the parts, then adjusting correctly.   Facing greatly reduces wear in the bearing cups and uneven wear in the cartridges systems.

If you don't face your headset, the bearings will wear unevenly.  In this class, you will learn how and why uneven bearings create friction and wear in the bearing set and how to prevent that from happening. 

Hub Overhaul, $50

Refreshing bearing surfaces and grease every year reduces the need for expensive repairs.

Hubs need to be overhauled because road dust and water spray pollute the lubrication, which, in turn, destroys bearing surfaces. Bicycle hub overhaul helps reduce rolling resistance and provides a sound basis for wheel alignment.   In addition, it makes pedaling much easier much easier because the rolling resistance is reduced.

Special instruction on destructive forces created by quick release skewers will be covered for advanced learning. Correct tool leverage and usage, grease types and choices, bearing quality, and choices of adjustment are all covered.

Bottom Bracket Facing & Overhaul, $50

Every bicycle frame needs to be faced once in its life.  Bottom Bracket facing aligns external bearings and fixed cups and provides a full surface to engage the cartridge bearing fixed cup. 

Facing greatly reduces wear in both cartridge and adjustable bearings. In addition, it puts an end to creaking from cartridges systems/external bearings.

Understanding what to put in the threads for the conditions you ride is very important for you to adjust or remove the BB in the future. The strengths and weakness of greases, anti seize, Loc-tite and Teflon tape are also covered in this class. 


*Prepaid registration for each class is required.

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